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Placing an Order

We require 1-2 week's notice for all specialty items. If you require your items within 7 days or less, please call us (do not email or use the online order form).Please note, last minute orders require payment in full and may be subject to rush fees. We do not ship our items and currently service the York-Toronto/GTA area. If your venue falls outside of our normal service area, please call us. There is a minimum of 15-20 servings for specialty cakes and 10-12 servings for our signature cakes (What's the difference? Click here). A deposit is required for ALL confectionary products. Because our confectionary products are custom made/made-to-order all sales are final (in exceptional circumstances a partial refund may be made; See Q+A for more information). We book on a first-paid-first-served-basis so securing your date with a deposit is always recommended.

Flavours + Fillings

Standard Flavours

  • vanilla

  • chocolate buttermilk

  • double chocolate

  • rainbow sprinkles

Specialty Flavours*

  • vanilla bean

  • red velvet

  • cookies 'n cream

Premium Flavours*

  • lemon, pink velvet

  • white chocolate

  • pineapple

  • coconut

  • carrot

  • Black (rum) cake






*these flavours come at an additional cost


**strawberries cannot be guaranteed when they are

not in season. When strawberries are available during

he off-season they will come at  higher price equal to

the cost in stores/from farms.

Limited Edition & Seasonal*

  • strawberry**

  • bubblegum

  • cotton candy

  • tutti fruitti

  • Kola Champagne

  • Cream Soda

  • Root Beer

  • passion fruit

  • noyeau

  • soursop

  • guava

Perfectly Paired Flavours

  • vanilla + chocolate

  • red velvet + cream cheese

  • pineapple-coconut (pina colada)

  • lemon-raspberry

  • chocolate-raspberry

  • banana-strawberry

  • chocolate-strawberry

  • chocolate-hazlenut


  • vanilla

  • chocolate

  • chocolate-hazelnut crunch

  • raspberry

  • strawberry

  • coconut

  • cream cheese

  • boozey cream cheese

  • strawberries (seasonal)


Icing Options

  • Buttercream

  • Fondant

  • Ganache


Allergy Information

All of our cakes are made from scratch, and although we hand-select our ingredients we cannot guarantee any products have not come into contact with allergens. Therefore we are NOT  nut/egg/gluten/dairy free.
Q + A

Questions + Answers

How come I have to pay before I receive my products? What if I don't like them?

We are a fee-for-service (or bespoke) business, so payment must be made first. Also, our work is done custom for EACH client. If you change your mind we're stuck with a 2-tiered cake, 2 dozen cupcakes and some donuts with your child's unique name on them! We know things happen and sometimes people do change their minds, which is why we ask for a deposit only and not full payment. The deposit covers the basics of your design and should you choose to cancel, our cake artist's work (and time they cannot get back) is still covered. No one wants to go to work and not get paid! Fair is fair. This is why communication is key. But we've never had someone say they didn't like what they got - we're sugar artists!

What is the difference between buttercream & fondant?

Buttercream is made with butter, sugar, cream (or milk) and sometimes pasteurized egg whites. It's like frosting (the grocery store stuff in the tub) but has a smoother texture, is more flavourful without being overly-sweet and can hold it's form a lot better. It can readily take on other flavors by adding chocolates, extracts, citrus zest etc. Our cake artist can achieve the smooth finish similar to fondant with buttercream, but some trends are better executed with buttercream. Just ask us which ones!

Fondant is icing that can be rolled out into a sheet and used to cover a cake.  It can also be poured for mini cakes. It has a dough-like consistency that can be used to create figurines, flowers and other decorations. It can give a very smooth & clean finish.

So which do you choose? Sometimes you don't have an option depending on the decision you choose - other times you do. Either way, these 4 things play the biggest role in deciding whether you have a fondant cake or a buttercream cake: appearance, durability, budget and design.

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