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Congratulations, you're engaged!


Whew! So now the easy part is over and the work begins. Weddings are a fantastic time to celebrate love and family, and the marriage is even more exciting! This can also be a very overwhelming time! But relax! We're here to support you & your groom. Just tell us everything you need and we'll get it done in 3 easy steps. That's it! Now before booking your appointment with us we encourage you to have your date and venue solidified. This will allow us to ensure we will be available for your event. We offer décor services, cakes + customized treats, sweets tables, candy stations, on-site co-ordination and vendor recommendations services.

Step 1 - Meet & Greet:

At first contact a Bridal Meet & Greet will be set up to meet with your Cake Artist and/or Event Stylist. This is an opportunity for us to meet one another. We want to be inspired by your love story & your desires for your big day! You'll also get to hear more about Alpha-Omega Events, our team members and the services we offer. This is not a design appointment but rather an information session on our company, pricing, policies and portfolio work. However if you want a more design-focused experience just let us know before-hand!

Step 2 - Design Consultation:

For a design appointment we will require FULL disclosure on your overall wedding budget so that we can work our design ideas within your budget. There will be a $50.00 consultation fee (but don't worry - this amount will be paid forward to your total, should you choose to book with us). During this consult we'll discuss design concepts, colour schemes, themes, budget & costs, and your client agreement (contraact). If you've decidedto book your event with us, you'll be responsible for signing a Client Agreement and paying a deposit to secure your date. Please note, we book on a first-come, first-served basis, and a deposit is required.

Step 3 - Final Consultation:

This is crunch time so we usually like to do this appointment 2-3 weeks before the wedding to finalize numbers and make any last minute revisions to your order. 

Cake Tastings:

At your cake tasting we'll be focusing mainly on your cake! Obviously! Similar to the design consult, a $50.00CAD booking fee will apply and will be forwarded to your deposit. This appointment may be booked with your wedding consultation for $75.00CAD for both appointments will be applied (rather than $100.00CAD when you book them separately). Playing with design concepts, florals, colour swatches, ribbon and cake mock-ups we'll eat our way through this yummy appointment! Dessert is on us! 


Thanks for your interest. We'll confirm your booking within 48hrs!

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